About Alef Bet Preschool


Ester Michaan is morning Assistant Teacher In Morah Lisa's 2s class and afternoon Assistant Teacher in the Downstairs 3s. Ester is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where her family are Chabad Shluchim. Growing up in that environment gave Ester an appreciation and love of giving and connecting to others from all backgrounds.

Ester is the 12th of 13 siblings kah and she adores spending time with her many nieces and nephews. She worked as a camp counselor for several years in her teens , which she immensely enjoyed.

Ester received her teaching degree at Machon Shoshanot in Jerusalem and then worked as a dorm counselor in an outreach school for women in Tzfat.

She was a very beloved assistant preschool teacher at the Alef Bait Center Preschool in São Paulo, and we are thankful that Ester has joined the Alef Bet staff!